Backyard Blowout and Consignment Sale!

March 12-13, 2021

We are excited to announce we will be having the consignment sale this time! With Covid restrictions, it will be a little different than previous years. Please read below.

  • We will be limiting everyone to 12 consignment items. So pick your best items for the sale.
  • Drop off dates will be strictly enforced. No excuses. This is important so items have an appropriate amount of time to sit. Also, so that we can thoroughly clean prior to sale.
  • Please clean items before bringing them in to minimize dust and dirt. If you want it to sale, presentation is everything. So do a quick oil to that bridle, brush off or wash those boots, and wash saddle pads for example.
  • We usually have quite a few people in the store during the sale. We will be letting a certain number into the shop at a time. As one person leaves a new person will be allowed in.

In order to REGISTER for the consignment sale, please email
Your name, mailing address, and phone number to


Print, sign and return when you bring in your items.

Email to receive your code.

On a 3 x 5 index card:
Your code needs to be on top left hand corner. The top right will be the size (if applicable)
Bottom right will be the price. In the middle will be a description of item.
Click here to view how to tag your items

Attach with safety pin if possible depending on the item. When sold-we will remove this tag and then
count/calculate your money. All tags will be given back to you when check is mailed or picked up.

Please make sure all of your clothing items are on hangers. We do not have enough hangers to supply for the consignment sale.

Important dates:

  • Sign up by Fri, March 5
  • Drop off items February 15 – March 6
  • Sale/Consignment dates: March 12-13
  • Checks will be ready Wed, March 17
  • Checks will be mailed if not picked up by Mon, March 22
  • All items left after Mon, March 22 @ 5PM will be DONATED.

Bridles and Britches is not responsible for any damaged or lost items. Bridles and Britches takes 25% of all final sales prices. Items must be picked up by Monday, March 22, 2021 @ 5PM or will be donated to a worthy cause. Please inquire if you need a donation receipt.